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Don’t be left breathless

To support World COPD Day 2019, Teva hope to raise awareness of the common misconceptions of COPD and its symptoms.

COPD is more common than you might think. There are approximately 1.2m people living with COPD in the UK,1 with an estimated 2 million more who remain undiagnosed.2

Currently, 50% of COPD patients are under 65,3 women develop COPD earlier than men4 and 1 in 5 COPD patients are non-smokers.2 This shows that COPD affects a wider variety of people, not just those who may fit the typical image of an older male smoker.

Is life leaving you breathless?

An early indicator of COPD is breathlessness.If everyday activities such as showering, walking and shopping leave you breathless, it could be COPD.5 Ongoing coughs, recurring lung infections in winter and wheezing also indicate COPD. Identifying these symptoms could allow for the diagnosis of COPD at an earlier stage.

The earlier COPD is tested for and diagnosed, the sooner you can start to manage your long-term lung health. So, if you think you may have COPD speak to your doctor. Through effective treatment, COPD can be managed and everyday life can be made that little bit easier.

To find out more, follow the links below for support, resources and information on COPD.

Date of preparation: November 2019

Approval code: UK/RESP/17/0032(2)a

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