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Staying active at your own pace

At Your Own Pace is an exercise programme to help people living with lung conditions stay active and feel less breathless.

If you are living with a lung condition such as COPD, you might have been offered a Pulmonary Rehabilitation course. It’s is a physical exercise and education programme that complements your treatment. It builds your fitness and gives you a better understanding of your condition and how to manage it.

Due to Covid-19, it’s not been possible for Pulmonary Rehabilitation sessions to take place face-to-face.  However, along with taking your treatment, there’s still lots you can do to stay active and in control of your symptoms. To help, we have created At You Own Pace. It’s a pulmonary exercise programme that focuses on improving fitness and wellbeing, so you can reap some of the benefits of pulmonary rehab from the comfort of your home.

At Your Own Pace is a collection of exercises that have been chosen by experts specifically for people living with COPD and other lung conditions. They are suitable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities because, as the name suggests, you do the exercises at a pace that’s right for you.

The goal is to exercise a little bit every day. It will help you build strength, improve balance and increase stamina.  This is important, as not only does it keep you active, it can also boost your wellbeing, confidence and help you feel less breathless doing day-to-day activities.

We understand that some people may not have exercised for a long time, find standing difficult or may be using supplementary oxygen. Don’t worry, just do what you can. Each exercise has simple, clear instructions and can be done while sitting or standing up. You don’t have to do all the exercises in every session, simply choose the ones you find easiest and gradually work towards a full routine. There are 3 different levels to choose from too, so you can increase the effort as you grow stronger.

With At Your Own Pace, you’re in control.

At Your Own Pace pulmonary exercise programme is available as a printable booklet and an animated video.

Approval code: RESP-GB-NP-00159

Date of preparation: March 2020

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